John and Ed bring clients a wealth of strategic and brand-building experience to help them navigate the new complexities that factor into understanding consumer purchase behavior. e-daptability was created to eliminate the shortcomings of focus groups, while improving the output of qualitative research. By giving consumers access to the e-behaviors that influence their purchase decisions, e-daptability delivers insights that are more indicative of real-world-behavior. e-daptability allows clients continue to use qualitative research with a high degree of confidence.


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John Edwards

Ed Infurna





John has spent his career launching, growing, and fixing brands of all sizes while holding senior leadership positions at global agencies Bates (JWT) and Grey in addition to The Hungry Dog, his own boutique agency which specialized in smaller brand marketing.  Client-centric and results oriented, be has worked closely with key clients such as GSK, Wyeth (Pfizer), Boehringer-Ingelheim, P&G, Novartis, Solgar, and CibaVision.

Ed has worked for consumer agencies with high-powered creative reputations such as Chiat\Day, Messner, and Arnold, as well as industry-changing healthcare agencies including Cline Davis Mann, Sudler & Hennessey and TBWA\WorldHealth. He has led iconic brands such as Cheerios and Pringles, OTC staples Alka Seltzer Plus and Tums, and pharmaceutical  brands from Bayer, Merck,  Alexion,  and Amgen, always living at the intersection of insight, strategy, and creative inspiration.